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Sunday, August 5th 2012

Antique cars, a gazebo and Boy Scouts.  Hello, Americana!

A park on a lake?  No biggie.

Big Glen, Little Glen and Lake Michigan in the background.

The old cannery at Glen Haven.

Glen Haven, by way of the annual Old Settlers Community Picnic and Inspiration Point. Fully immersed at 3:54 p.m.

A few months ago, one of my childhood neighbors called me to ask if I'd demonstrate wool spinning at the 120th Old Settlers Community Picnic this past Sunday.  He was thrilled that I said yes (a Sunday afternoon in a park on Glen Lake?  Of course!), claiming that it'd be especially fitting if I came, seeing as I was a "native Burdickvillian." 

After the picnic, I headed up to Inspiration Point, about two miles from the park.  Inspiring?  Doesn't even come close.  Breathtaking, exquisite, magnificient....maybe.  It's always suprising to me, especially when I visit a place that was once so familiar to me, how visually striking my hometown is.  And how commonplace I once thought it was. 

Sunday really was a blast from the past, as this part of Leelanau County truly shaped the first half of my life.  As a member of our high school cross country (and track) teams, Old Settlers was just one leg of the road course for our nightly runs.  It's also where we held our 10-year high school reunion.  My first high school boyfriend's grandparents had a boat launch on that side of Glen Lake and we took their pontoon out as often as we could.  (So there may have been a few makeout sessions under that boat.....)  Every Easter, our church held its sunrise service at the lookout.  We took my favorite wedding photo there, too.  

I hadn't been to Glen Haven so far this year--with a free afternoon on my hands, it was the obvious choice.  I was so tired at the end of the week, I did something I almost never do--fell asleep on the beach.  I remembered, of course, to apply sunscreen beforehand.  Heavenly.

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