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Monday, August 13th 2012



Empire Beach.  Fully immersed at 9:26 p.m.

Tonight I enjoyed the rare treat of having my once-a-year dinner with two of my favorite friends, Megan and Michael, at the Friendly Tavern.  They relax for a week every summer at her parents' cottage on Bear Lake and it's tradition to spend at least one night catching up over a pitcher of Meg's favorite beer.  I was the only one to bring my suit, but we all walked down to the beach together to snap a few photos of the sunset's bounce.  

What is it about your friends--your really good friends--that makes spending one evening with them, as fun as those few hours might be, seem like you're being cheated out of a day-to-day life that could be?  A life with the really cool people that actually get you?  When I'm with them (and several of my other college friends that I see for a few hours every year), I imagine that this is just one of many Monday nights in which we grab some burgers and a couple beers at our local bar and jaw about work and families and recent engagements (!)--here or in NYC or LA or wherever--but it's never hard to say goodbye at the end of the night because we'll be doing all of it again next week.

Did I mention I'm getting ready to cash in my credit card miles for a plane ticket this fall?!?

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